Edisto History Ecotour

Explore Edisto's history by boat to discover life 'Beyond the Big House' ยท 3 Hours

Our tour will make your time on Edisto unforgettable as you explore the creeks, rivers and marshes. The ACE Basin is the largest undeveloped estuary on the East Coast defined by the Ashepoo, Combahee and Edisto Rivers.

We get you on the water with activities ranging from boat tours actively exploring the natural and cultural history of the area to sunset cruises with your favorite beverage.

We have tours for all ages and levels of adventure!

Passenger - $60.00 + tax
All ages

1-3 People - $0.00 + tax

4-6 People - $0.00 + tax

7-9 People - $0.00 + tax

Up to 10 people - $600.00 + tax

10-12 People - $0.00 + tax


3 hours

Travel the same waterways of Edisto as people have for thousands of years. Learn about Edisto's first people, nomadic hunter-gatherers, and what life was really like for the majority from the 1700's-2000's. We will see homes built before 1861 and discuss the enslaved people who built and maintained those homes.

Booking Notes

Boat Ecotours depart from Edisto Marina (3702 Dock Site Rd), DOCK SLIP D 2. The Marina can be hard to spot, so look for signs for Pressley's Restaurant or Bay Creek Park. Free parking is available at Bay Creek Park or across from Bay Creek Villas. Our dock slip is at the end of a 150 yard boardwalk, so give yourself time to enjoy the walkway over the salt marsh. Please arrive 10 minutes before departure.

Coastal weather is variable and TV or phone weather forecasts are not accurate here. We will cancel due to weather at the time of the tour if needed. We run light rain or shine, so bring a waterproof layer and be prepared with an extra layer for cool breezes and a hat and water for hot days.

There is a 12" step down into the boat that guests need to be physically able to make.

Health and Safety Policy

-All captains and guides have been vaccinated and boosted!

-We stay 6' away from you and your family.

-We recommend that you bring hand sanitizer so that you can clean your hands after disembarking.

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