Boneyard Beach Sunrise Adventure

Private and Semi-Private options available!

Spend more time shooting and less time searching!

Boneyard Beach Sunrise Adventure | Private - $499.00 + tax

Boneyard Beach Sunrise Adventure | Semi-Private - $249.00 + tax



  • Semi-Private Tour: Includes one non-shooting guest at no additional charge
  • Private Tour: (1 -4 Guests)


COME EXPLORE SOME OF THE MOST MYSTERIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL BEACHES IN BEAUFORT! We can't wait to show you the magic of these special locations when the ocean creeps onto maritime forest, a boneyard beach is the result. Unable to withstand the salty sea, the trees begin to look like bones, hence the term Boneyard Beach. With the sun rising over the Atlantic, we'll start our excursion capturing this magical place. It truly is something unlike you've ever experienced.


For this adventure, you'll encounter gravel and dirt causeways, sand and fallen trees on the beach.


As an added bonus, all guests will receive a code for 1 FREE month in the online mentorship program, SHARPEN YOUR SHUTTER!

Health and Safety Policy

At Beaufort Photography Tours, we take health and safety seriously. To protect ourselves and our guests, we have been fully vaccinated and will not host tours if we have been knowingly exposed to the COVID virus. We thoroughly clean our tour vehicle prior to each outing. : . If you are likewise vaccinated and unexposed, we welcome you join us, unmasked in our vehicle and during the tour. If you have not been vaccinated or have recently had an exposure, we would ask you to mask for the entire tour. At your option, you may choose to follow us in your own vehicle.

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